Educating your autistic child

Educating Your Autistic Child One of the major issues facing a parent of an autistic child is what type of schooling should the child have. We know that there are many models: inclusion, self-contained, homeschool and within each model there

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One on One version of interview with Temple Grandin

. You will need to scroll down to the end and start from the bottom and read up to read the transcript. (MR)

@Fibenymphs_Blog A curtsy and a blush – thank you very much . . (MR) 

Join me tomorrow with

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The Life Unexpected – The one you were meant to have

As a little girl we played house and created a world with the perfect home, husband and child. Pretending to be a mom was a world with aprons, easy bake ovens, high heel shoes and pretty red lipstick. We knew

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Snarky Ignorance and Autism Awareness

When collegeman was four and obsessed with dinosaurs, the Museum of Natural History opened its doors for its new dinosaur exhibit. I can’t tell you how excited that child was. We stood outside the huge iron doors to the museum

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Potpourri – Treating comorbidity and subgroups

Potpourri, I have always loved that word. The word congers up wonderful thoughts of bountiful fragrances, a palette of beautiful colors and a feeling of tranquility. It brings back memories of my grandmothers house with little aromatic bowls that gave

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Guest Blog Post – Sharon daVanport Exec Director of Autism Womens Network

Dear Autism Parents/Neurodiversity Critics: Each time I am verbally bashed by critics of the autism/neurodiversity movement, I close my eyes & see my mother’s smiling face. My mother accepts me for who I am; she “gets me” & that means

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