Start Date: 23 October 2011

End Date: 23 October 2011

Time: 9:00pm

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The story of iLs began two decades ago with a couple’s quest to help their dyslexic daughter. Ron Minson, MD and Kate O’Brien Minson had tried all the educational and medical solutions available and were still not able to help their daughter overcome the depression which resulted from a lifetime of dyslexia. A friend suggested they try a sound therapy program which was used widely in Europe but was still relatively unknown in the U.S. Dr. Minson’s background was traditional medicine – trained at UCLA Medical School and Chief of Psychiatry at two teaching universities in Denver – but the urgency of the situation led him to try something new. The therapy showed signs of success within a matter of weeks and by the end of the 3-month program his daughter’s reading and organizational abilities had improved significantly. More importantly, the depression which had held her back for years finally lifted.

As she began a new life, her parents were motivated to do the same. Dr. Minson embarked on a journey to learn as much about sound therapy (also called “listening therapy”) as possible. He studied with the top practitioners and pioneers in the field between Europe and the U.S., and incorporated sound therapy into his work as a psychiatrist. His wife, Kate, managed their center in Denver, where they worked with children and adults suffering from learning disabilities, sensory processing issues, mood disorders, autism and mild brain injury. Eventually, Dr. Minson developed his own sound equipment and company, Dynamic Listening Systems (DLS), and began training other clinicians in the use of it in 2001.

It was the first program of its kind, and very soon it became clear that the combined multi-sensory therapy was more effective than either sound or movement therapy on its own.

In 2007, Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) launched with the mission to create a sustainable company which could provide this powerful multi-sensory therapy to clinicians, educators and parents at the most affordable prices possible. Since iLs’ first training session in February of 2008, the company has trained over 1500 therapists and educators. iLs is now available through professionals in North America, South America, Australia and Asia. The program is primarily used for children and adults with learning, attention and developmental difficulties as well as trauma and mild brain injury. iLs equipment and program design are patent-pending.

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One Response to Dr Ron Minson Integrated Listening Systems

  1. I have many resources, some innovative, that have proved helpful to children with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia (learning spelling, reading and mathematics – KS1, 2 and 3). I am always happy to share ideas if I can help. Please feel free to contact me any time – I will endeavour to answer all messages within a couple of days.

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