Guest Blog Post by Lorna d’entremont

Personal Reason to Rejoice About New Study on Tourette Syndrome While searching Google for the simplest way to describe Tourette Syndrome, I had a flash back to fifteen years ago when I received a frantic call from my daughter in

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Want to know how The Coffee Klatch came about?

Want to hear how The Coffee Klatch came to be – my interview with Anne Barbano

A Hero’s Journey – Autism and your child

I happen to love the movie Troy. Apart from the fact that I am an amateur ancient historian, well at least in my own mind, I love how the story is a play on Homer’s Iliad. In this film epic

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Autism Awareness Month – were you aware

This month of April has been Autism Awareness Month. For me it has been bitter sweet. On one hand, on a personal level it was a very productive and exciting month with amazing guests. We kicked off our Autism Awareness

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Potpourri, I have always loved that word. The word congers up wonderful thoughts of bountiful fragrances, a palette of beautiful colors and a feeling of tranquility. It brings back memories of my grandmothers house with little aromatic bowls that gave

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