Founder, President and Host of The Special Needs Talk Radio Network.
“The Coffee Klatch – Information and Inspiration For Special Needs Parents and Educators” Marianne seeks to give parents what they so desperately need, empowerment. Through her talk radio interviews she has brought hundreds of thousands of parents cutting edge researchers, world renowned psychiatrists, specialized psychologists, internationally respected children’s foundations, special education law experts and the creative thinkers of our time. In addition to the scientific and clinical information, what Marianne truly aspires to give parents is hope.

Marianne created The Coffee Klatch to give parents of special needs children a forum to find the best resources and information available. Her network now hosts ten outstanding shows covering all aspects of special needs parenting. Empowering and enlightening parents of children with differences has been her goal. What you see is not always what you get. Marianne encourages you to dig deep, always searching for answers and never give up hope. There are answers and The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Network is here to help parents and educators find them.

As she ends her show each Sunday “You are your child’s best advocate, if not you then who, become an informed, educated parent” Parents need an advocate as well and that is the role Marianne gladly takes, she is often called “The Parents Advocate”.

“Accepting the diagnosis is one thing, accepting the life it will bring is something completely different, and much more important. With true acceptance comes the strength and calm parents need to move forward” ~ Marianne Russo

Educating a child with a mental illness, Autism or a physical special need is difficult, “If it’s one thing I’ve learned it is that no matter whether it is physical or emotional, the emotions parents of children with special needs feel is universal” Marianne, through her interviews, encourages parents to stand up to conformity to find the differentiated education that will bring out their child’s gifts and not their deficits, create self esteem and not failure. Her message to parents and educators is simple, “These kids are not just special in their needs but in their brilliance as well“.

Marianne hosts “The Coffee Klatch” bringing you focused in depth interviews with the most respected experts in the world.  She also weaves interviews with special guests discussing messages of neurodiversity, fostering and embracing differences, differentiated education and creating our next independent thinkers.  Marianne also hosts “INSPIRE” a show bringing you stories from some of the most intriguing, inspiring and ground breaking people you will ever meet. Their stories of triumph and hope enforce what she often says “”It’s time to appreciate the wonder and marvel of different”.

Marianne in the media

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Dr Allen Frances – Saving Normal
NY Times “The most powerful psychiatrist in America” Wired “The man who wrote the book on mental illness” discusses our out of control over diagnosis of mental illness in children and teens

Dr Ross Greene – The Explosive Child – Collaborative Problem Solving

Dr Allen Frances Chair DSMIV – Changes to the DSM and your child with mental illness

Dr Russell Barkley – ADHD from childhood to adulthood

The High Cost Of A Quick Fix For Behavioral Disorders In Children and Teens w Dr Allen Frances and Dr Dale Archer

Finally Hope – The Fear of Harm Phenotype Juvenile Bipolar – Dr Demitri Papolos

Trichotillomania in Children and Teens

Dr Steve Kurtz – Child Mind Institute Treating ADHD

The Truth about ADHD Meds w Dr Charles Parker

Dr Burbrick Child Mind Institute – OCD and Anxiety disorders in children

Understanding and Treating Oppositional Defiant Disorder in children and teens

Dr Duncan McKinlay – Nix Your Tics – Life’s A Twitch – Tourette Syndrome

Dr Theo Theoharides – Mast Cell Activation Disorder and Brain Allergies

Dr Dale Archer – Better Than Normal What makes you different can make you exceptional

Post Traumatic and Adjustment Disorders in Children and Teens

Understanding and Treating Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Ashok Gupta – Retraining the Amygdala for fear and pain disorders- Fibromyalgia

Separating Anxiety – Whats Normal and What’s Not and What to do about it

Dr Samango Sprouse – The Autism Biomarker study

Dr James Coplan – Can we prevent the next Adam Lanza or Elliott Rodgers

Dr Samango Sprouse – The Focus Foundation – The biological signs and treatment of XY Chromosomal Dyslexia

Driving and Aspergers – DriveFit

Can you taste music? See smells? See numbers and colors” What is synesthesia

40 – 60% of kids with Sleep Apnea also get a diagnosis of ADHD – Coincidence or misdiagnosis

3 Part Series – Your child and depression – What every parent, grandparent and teacher needs to know

Intensity and the myth of ADHD

Dr Cheri Florence – The Maverick Mind – Is it autism, non verbal, learning disabled, mental illness or the highly visual thinker

Headaches, Migraines, TMJ and Sleep Apnea – What does estrogen and ADHD have to do with it? with Dr Gelb

Expectations… Who are they for? Setting goals without outside pressure from family and friends

Dr Linda Silverman – Giftedness 101 – The gifts not the deficits

Neurodiversity In The Classroom w Dr Thomas Armstrong – Applying strength based strategies in the classroom

The Pediatricians Role in caring for special needs kids

Marc Elliott – What makes you tic – Tourette Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome as organic cause of Depression and Anxiety in teens

Examining a flawed system that traps our gifted kids

Carter Lee Surviving Sexual Abuse

Inspire with Angie Eaton – Unraveling a child’s mental illness to find a gift

Lori Lite – Stress Free Kids – Getting some sleep for yourself and your child

Marriage and relationships and the difficulties when raising a mentally ill child

Kidlutions – Helping a child or teen through grief and mourning

Dr Charles Parker – What neuroscience is telling us about ADHD

Dr Jerry Weichman – Speaking to your kids about child abuse

Neuroplasticity – The ability to rewire the brain – Integrated Listening Systems

Dr David Russ – Turning Fear into Freedom – Child Anxiety

Chrisa Hickey – Mental Health Advocacy

When a child’s physical aggression destroys a family

Dr Demitri Papolos – The Fear of Harm Phenotype in child bipolar – A moms story

Dr Eric Hollander – OCD and related disorders

Teaching Kids to be Good People

Understanding Neuropsych and Psychoeducational evaluations

Parenting and education the Gay Lesbian Bisexual child or teen

Visual Spatial Abilities- What are they

Hope for the violently aggressive child w Dr Ankerman – Meltdowns Rages and Adrenalin disregulation

Dr Russell Hyken Premiere – Overlapping and confusion of bipolar – adhd – odd and ocd in children and teens

Mentally Gifted Not Disordered with Dr Gnaulati

The Best ADHD basics you will ever hear by two experts in layman terms

Post traumatic Stress Disorder in children with the Child Mind Institute Series

Is there a possible new treatment option for kids and adults with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Yes! The Columbia Psychiatry series

Getting mentally and physically fit when caring for a mentally ill or special needs child – Parent special w Dr Fit – Dr Fischer

Transitioning kids with ADHD into college and adult life w The Edge Foundations Robert Tudisco

Behavioral changes with concussions in children and teens – Child Mind Institute Series

Evidence based new treatments for treating Oppositional Defiant Disorder in children and teens – Child Mind Institute Series

Separation Anxiety in children and teens – Whats Normal – Whats Not and What to do about it – Child Mind Series

Annie Fox Preparing your tween for the new school year

Dr Cheryl Arutt – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in children

Dr Jerry Weichman – Adolescent Skill Development

Cushings and mental health

Dr Lynne Kenney – The Limbic System – What every parent needs to know about our kids and their faulty brakes


Michael Woods – Crisis Behavior Intervention

Anxiety in teens – The best resource on the web for teens with anxiety disorders

Sex and your Teen

Dr Gluckman – The inflammation connection to child mental illness

Talking Teenage- Teenage as a second language

The Bipolar Child Dr Demitri Papolos

Heartspring- Setting the standard in residential care

Innerchange – Residential Treatment Center

Sandra Yuen – My Schizophrenic life

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with three outstanding experts

Dr Russell Hyken – Therapeutic Residential Placements and Psychoeducational Evaluations

Can kids with ADHD succeed academically and socially?

Sensory Processing Disorder – What it is and what it is not

When to Worry About Worry – Child anxiety disorders

Dr Carl Pickhardt – Why Good Kids Act Cruel and Boomerang Kids – Why grown kids keep coming back

TV Court Shows Judge Alex Ferrer and Judge Glenda Hatchett – Bullying

Brain Insights  Early Brain Development

Jen Laviano – Special Education Attorney

Dr Lynne Kenney – Neurobiological disorders

Mainstream or Special Placement What is best for your child w Ask Stefanie

Dr Allen Frances First interview – The DSMV and your child with Autism, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder

Dr Susan Swedo – PANDAS Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder and OCD – Strep infection as cause of sudden onset Tics and OCD

Dr Robin Silverman – Good Girls Dont Get Fat – Bulemia and Anorexia

Dr Earl Henslin – Brain Imaging determining treatment of mental illness

Fear of Harm Phenotype in Child and Adolescent Bipolar Disorder

Susan Inman – After Her Brain Broke – A mothers journey with a childs severe mental illness

Dr Roya Ostovar – The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder

Actor Dash Mihok and Jaylens Challenge – Bullying No Way

Dr Jennifer Kolari – Anxiety disorders in children

Susan Resko – The Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

Dr Thomas Armstrong – Neurodiversity – Creating a niche to suit your disorder and finding its gifts

Dr Lucy Miller – The Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

Met Life – Broken Security Blanket Estate Planning – What every parent needs to know to plan for their childs future

Dr Barry Sears – The Zone Diet – Why does stress make us fat and Inflammation connection to mental illness

Dr Thomas Armstrong – Multiple Intelligences

Dr Alison Baker – Columbia Psychiatry – Preventing School Tragedies

Stefanie Weiss – Choosing a mental health professional

Understand and Parenting Gay and Lesbian Children and Teens

Juvenile Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

Understanding Psychoeducational and Neuropsych evaluations on Ask Stefanie

Teaching kids to be good people with Annie Fox

OCD and Related disorders with Dr Eric Hollander on Ask Stefanie

The secret shame, fear and denial of physically abused parents

When to worry about worrying on Ask Stefanie

School Struggles and the Shut Down Learner – Dyslexia and ADHD w Dr Richard Selznick

Expectations Who Are They For – Parenting without outside pressure

Areva Martin: The legal implications of special needs blogging

Ashok Gupta: Retraining The Amygdala for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Separation Anxiety – Whats Normal Whats Not and What to do about it

Understanding and Evidence Based Treatments for Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children and Teens

Behavioral Changes with Concussions and Mild Brain Injury

Transitioning ADHD teens into college and adult life

Turning ADHD into a positive w Dr Richard Selznick

Dr Fischer – The Fit Doctor – Getting and Staying Healthy while special needs parenting

Possible New Treatment for child and teen OCD

Dyslexia from the Parents Perspective on School Struggles

Fending Off Eating Disorders in Teens on the Dr Russell Hyken Show #Anorexia #Bulemia

Neurodiversity In The Classroom – Strength Based Strategies for ADHD – Autism – Dyslexia – Bipolar and more

Trichotillomania in Children and Teens

Mainstream or Special Placement on Ask Stefanie

Hope for the violently aggressive child or teen w Dr Ankerman

Dr Stuart Fischer The Fit Dr – Getting healthy and feeling beautiful as a special needs parent

Transition the ADHD teen into college and beyond w The Edge Foundation

Turning the ADHD diagnosis into a positive on School Struggles

Behavioral changes with concussions and mild brain injuries – Child Mind Institute Series

Can kids with ADHD succeed in school and social settings

Dr Temple Grandin – Different Not Less

Temple Grandin – Thinking In Pictures

Temple Grandin – Rebecca Banks – Diane Kennedy
The DSMV Changes and your child/teen with autism

Temple Grandin – Diane Kennedy – Rebecca Banks
Bright Not Broken – Autism

Dr Temple Grandin – Fear as Core emotion in Autism

Dr Temple Grandin – The Autistic Brain – Thinking Across The Spectrum

All Five Editors of The Thinking Persons Guide to Autism

Rethinking Autism – Dana Commandatore

Alex Plank – Wrong Planet

National Autism Association

Autism Movement Therapy

Autisable – Joel Manzer

The Girl Who Spoke In Pictures

INSPIRE w Angela Eaton

Dr Tippy – Respecting Autism

Metlife – Broken Security Blanket – Financial and Estate planning for special needs families

Dr Allen Frances Chair of the DSMIV Task Force

Jim Tracy – Editor Apostrophe Magazine

Susan Richardson – Reiki and alternative treatments for Autism

Louise Sattler – Signing Families

Bruce Sallen A Dads point of view

Speaking to your Child about the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal w Dr Jerry Weichman

Dr Ron Minson – Neuroplasticity changing the brain with integrated listening systems

Dr Zachary Warren Vanderbilt Kennedy Autism Center

Apps for Autism

Lewis Stark – The humorous side of Autism with Autism Daddy

Teaching LIfe Skills with Autism w Chantal Sicile Kira

Dr Russ – Turning Fear into Freedom

The Eating Game and Gluten Free Diets

Dr Samango Sprouse – Dyspraxia – Dyslexia – Apraxia

March of Dimes

Derek Hoere – Bringing Ayn Home – An Autism families worst nightmare

Dr Barry Sears creator of The Zone Diet – The Inflammation Connection

Priscilla Gilman – The Antiromantic Child – Hyperlexia

Joel Yanofsky – Author of Bad Animals – A Dads view of autism

Todd Drezner – Producer Loving Lamposts

Eileen Miller – Behind The Pictures w surprise interview with daughter

Multi Platinum Grammy award winner Micheal Buckholtz – Aid For Autistic Children

Derek Amato – Ingenious Minds

Amalia Starr – Autism into adulthood

Dynavox – Assistive Technology

Tom Touhy – Dreams for Kids

Jen Laviano – Special Education Attorney

Restraint and Seclusion

The Special Education Advisor

Ann Barbano Producer of The Autism Maze

Areva Martin The Every Day Advocate

Exploration of Autism across cultures

Squag and Special Playdates

Dr Valerie Hu – The Biochemistry and Molecular biology of Autism Subgroups

Dennis Debaudt – Leading authority on emergency worker training for autism

Lou Giuffre – Lifeprotekt GPS Autism Tracking System

Dr Peter Bearman – Columbia Autism Study

John Elder Robison – Look Me In The Eye

Dr James Coplan – Making Sense of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Taylor Morris – A Glimpse into the other world of Autism by a girl who lives there

Carol Kranowitz – The Out Of Sync Child

Dr Alex Kolevzon Clinical Director of Seaver Autism Center – Sociology of Autism

Elaine Hall – Now I See The Moon – Autism

Relate to Autism – A unique approach to treatment

The Friendship Circle

Surfers For Autism

Dr Thomas Armstrong – Finding the gift in any disorder


Overexcitabilities in Autism and ADHD w Dr Linda SilvermanMeet the authors of Bright Not Broken

Bright Not Broken – Drs. James Webb and Edward Amend,

The Laymans Guide to The DSMV and Autism

Examining a Flawed system that traps our kids

Rare brilliant interview with Lorna Wind and Judith Gould

Dr Fred Volkmer – Yale Autism Study


The History of Autism

Understanding Social Thinking in Autism and ADHD

Intensity and Giftedness

Nancy Ratey – Using strengths and special interests

Visual Spatial Abilities – Visual Thinkers

Survival Guide for Aspergers kids

Dr Fred Volkmar Yale Child Development
Jennifer Cook Otool – Asperkids

Adam Feinstein – The History of Autism

Understanding Social Thinking and 2e: Giftedness, Asperger’s, ADHD guest Michelle Garcia

Intensity, Giftedness and The ADD Myth guest Martha Burge

Gifted, ADHD and Asperger’s, Using Strengths and Special Interests guest Nancy Ratey

Visual Spatial Abilities guest Dr. Jonathan Wai

The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders guest Elizabeth Verdick

NAGC- Finding Help, Support and Resources for Gifted and 2e children

The Together Teacher Author Maia Heyck-Merlin

Twice Exceptional, Who They are: Asperger ADHD Gifted guest Dr. Layne Kalbfleisch

Examining A Flawed System That Traps Our Kids – Autism ADHD

Animals Companions and Careers with guest Dr Temple Grandin

Suki Wessling – From School to Homeschool Should You Homeschool Your Gifted Child

Giftedness 101 w guest Dr Linda Silverman


Part 1 – INSPIRE – A mothers search to unravel her child’s behaviors uncovers a brilliant mind

Part II – Dr Cheri Florence the pioneer in uncovering Maverick Minds – What is a Maverick Mind

Part III – Dr Cheri Florance – Identifying The Maverick Mind

Part IV – Five Steps to Brain Engineering with Dr Cheri Florance

Part V – The Joy Of Becoming Symptom Free – Maverick Mind


Wayne Gilpin – Future Horizons

Housing and Independent Living


Autism Self Advocacy Network

Sensory World

Respecting Autism

What to do when your autistic child is sick

The Golden Hat Foundation

Uncovering Abilities

When parent and child are on the spectrum


Supportive Clothing

Affordable Sensory Equipment

Dealing with Holiday Meltdowns

Movement as a focus tool

Strategies for calming over responders

Designing Equipment for Special Needs

Sensory Underresponders

Sensory Processing and Anxiety

Homework without hassles

Sensory mouthing solutions

Technology Overload

Outdoor Sensory Solutions

Swinging Sensations

Picky Eaters

Avoiding mealtime disasters


Sitting for success

Disorganized Danny

Homework Helpers


What is Inclusion

Is inclusion right for your child

Successful Inclusion

Myths and Facts about inclusion



Growing with inclusion

Creating an inclusive classroom

Inclusive IEP’s

Children of all abilities

Dr Howard Margolis

Dr Christopher Kaufman

Disability is natural

Developing Friendships

How a highschooler changed a school

Including Samual

Inclusion Strategies

Inclusion in college

Anger and behavior management

Childrens success foundation

How to have a successful IEP meeting

Executive functioning in the inclusive class

Supporting the anxious student

College and the student with intellectual disabilities

Team Teaching Strategies

Assistive Technology

Identifying and meeting needs of special needs students


Your special education rights

What is IDEA and special education advocacy

Back to school primer

Bullying IS an IEP issue

Urban legends

Special Education eligibility and diagnosis

Discipline procedures of IDEA

Independent Evaluations

Least Restrictive Environment

Addressing behaviors through an IEP

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