Our hearts go out to those who lost homes and tragically, loved ones.

This has been an unprecedented time here in the northeast. Families are homeless, displaced, cold, exhausted and afraid.

I, myself, am from a hard hit area on Long Island and know the struggles and challenges we have faced. The projected record low temperatures and possible nor’easter due this week will only add to the problem. Never in my seventeen years of living on the water here on Long Island have I ever seen such powerful and destructive pounding of our shores and our spirits.

The Coffee Klatch is taking donations which will be given directly to the families in some of the hardest hit areas here in New York. Many have lost a lot…..some have lost all. This is a time you can make a difference.

I am honored to be collaborating with three outstanding special needs foundations on this effort, Special Needs Network LA, HollyRod Foundation and Wake Up To Autism. The response by Areva Martin, Holly Robinson Peete and Jodi Gomes has been overwhelming.

We are accepting new and gently used coats, blankets, gloves, hats, scarves, socks, boots, sleeping bags, toys, blow up beds, adult and children’s clothing and new underwear. I have also been told by those in the worst affected area where we will be distributing items that garbage bags, work gloves, disposable gloves, work boots, as well as work masks are very much needed.

Most dollar stores sell gloves, hats, scarves and warm socks. Your few dollars can make a huge difference in the lives of cold parents and children.

Soon Sandy and her aftermath will be lost in the media. News will move on to the election and regularly scheduled programming resumed but the challenges will continue.

I have seen first hand the families here in my community and others like the devastated Staten Island, where homes and neighborhoods are almost completely destroyed, where parents are struggling to find hope and strength.  Give them some hope.

After assessing the needs of the many communities I have decided that we will base our first distribution out of Staten Island, New York. This beautiful, diverse borough of New York City in many areas has fallen to complete ruins. A place where homes and neighborhoods seemed to be swallowed up in their entirety. Many families are displaced and lost almost all of their belongings and necessities of life. As you will see in the pictures below, the children and adults of Staten Island need your help.

Donations can be sent to

Marianne Russo
The Coffee Klatch
16 East Old Country Road
Hicksville, NY 10081

For those struggling and in need, please let us know how we can help you.

Many of the hardest achievements in this world were accomplished by the tired and discouraged who kept on – Anonymous

Don’t miss Sandy Relief Benefit Concert 12/12/12 to help others in our area

Please read the article below with resources for helping children cope with disaster.

Emotional care for children of trauma and natural disasters link

2 Responses to The Coffee Klatch Sandy Disaster Relief Drive

  1. Joel b

    Could you post some ways to donate via pay pall?

  2. Admin Admin

    Im sorry we are not collecting funds at this time, we are only taking items donated.

    Thank you.

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