The greatest gift you can give a special needs child is undertanding, acceptance and respect for their gains and gifts. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, when that special needs child looks into your eyes let them see love and compassion, not disappointment.

Friends and family often have a hard time finding the perfect gift for your special needs child.  The Coffee Klatch wish list is compiled of products, toys, clothing and sensory items that are fun, functional and affordable.

For a full list of sensory related, assistive technology and special needs toys and products go to our comprehensive resources list here

Kid Companions Chewelry, is a pendant that functions as a chewable,  wearable or attachable sensory tool for individuals with special needs. It is a discreet and age-appropriate alternative to traditional oral motor and fidget toys.


We design sensory toys and therapy equipment for special needs to help children learn adaptive responses for what they may lack or crave. Calming, deep compression with our seamless, tagless clothing. Oral stimulation with our cool and safe chewies.

Empathy and self-expression with our EQ games.

Gross motor skills with our foam scooters and inflatables.

And that’s just for starters.


Sensory Store Canada has teamed up with some amazing businesses bringing products and services to you that are high quality and relevant to you and your child with special needs. Whether your child has Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Tourettes or another related diagnosis, our new partners have what you need.


More than 1 in 150 children have sensory needs that are largely unmet by the children’s apparel market today. Soft is about to revolutionize children’s apparel. We are the first inclusive and universally designed line of clothing geared toward children with sensory or tactile sensitivity, a common symptom of Autism, Aspergers, and Sensory Processing Disorder. Soft is designed and constructed considering the needs of all children, particularly, sensory sensitive dressers.


Stress Free Kids® founder Lori Lite has created a line of books and CDs designed to help children, teens and adults decrease stress, anxiety & anger. As a parent, bedtime meant two stressed filled hours trying to get our young son to sleep. Our daughter developed stress related night terrors and Lori herself became sick from anxiety.


LifePROTEKT is the #1 resource for Personal Location Safety Technology and integrated solutions. We provide caregivers, individuals, businesses and law enforcement with the latest GPS and other location technologies and services to enable others to enjoy safer boundaries and in the case of an emergency – react more quick


a4cwsn is committed to helping the families and carers of children with special needs and the wider community of educators and therapists who support them, by producing videos that demonstrate how products designed to educate children and build their life skills really work from a user perspective.



Squag is a customized application for tweenagers on the autism spectrum to connect with their parents and with one another.



An absolutely outstanding publication for teens or young adults with disabilities. Pop culture meets important articles on financial planning, fashion, health, food, real articles from real people with disabilities meshed with inspiration and entertainment. This is the Time Magazine for anyone living with a disability. There are no Cant’s only Can’s. Apostrophe Magazine Website



Model Me Kids® videos demonstrate social skills by modeling peer behavior at school, on a playdate, at a birthday party, on the playground, at a library, at the dentist, restaurant, and more. Real children model and narrate each skill. DVDs for ages 2-17.




Signing Families – Fun and educational – learn sign language No matter what age you are, learning Sign Language is a gift that will keep on giving. Whether you have a special needs child, work with them or simply want to enhance your skills and education, this DVD is so user friendly and cost effective that everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to broaden your knowledge


Tadpole Adaptive is an online retailer specializing in unique adaptive equipment to help children interact, play, participate and have fun! Our focus is “Gear to Grow On!”




Ficklets are the first patented interchangeable eyewear charm hugger. The fun designs adorn eyeglasses to match any style. Kids feel comfortable and love wearing eyeglasses with Ficklets. They turn an often intimidating experience into an exciting, trendsetting one! With a large selection to choose from, any child will find an “eye-popping” design they love.

Mayer-Johnson enhances learning and communication for individuals with special needs by delivering thousands of unique special education tools that meet a wide range of goals.


Turnaround: Turning Fear Into Freedom is a multi award-winning audio treatment program that teaches your child how to stop anxious thoughts, calm uncomfortable feelings, and use the most effective strategies (CBT) to overcome anxiety. Your child will listen to an adventure story designed to capture their attention and teach them how to break free from their fears. After each lesson, ten in all, your child will complete exercises in the Turnaround Journal that reinforce the material.


Integrated Listening System equipment takes sound therapy to a new level of efficacy by combining advanced psychoacoustics with visual and balance activities that are performed while listening. The result is a patent-pending multi-sensory program available to clinicians, educators and non-professionals. Each iLs system includes an audio component, visual/balance integration equipment and guidebook.


These are the Lexus of crutches. I have never seen anything of this quality before. Precision adjustment, comfortable handles



It isn’t always easy being a kid. That’s why we’re here! Kidlutions™ products, resources and trainings help parents, teachers and caregivers HELP kids!




Relate To Autism provides powerful online tools and a rich range of resources from across the web to empower parents to make decisions about their children and learn to relate to autism.




Toys R Us has a line of  toys for special needs children



Annie’s books have always centered on kids, tweens and teens. She writes for them with compassion, humor, understanding and a ton of respect for their efforts to do the right thing and be themselves. Navigating through middle school and high school has never been easy. 21st Century teens have more challenges than their parents ever faced.



At DynaVox, we like to feel connected – connected to our philosophy, our products and most importantly, our customers. Learn more about the DynaVox community.



The Sensory “U” is owned and operated by Peach State Pediatric Therapy, the largest sensory intensive pediatric therapy facility in the southeast. When our store initially opened, our primary focus was on special needs products and toys for the children treated in our facility. Over the years, our inventory has increased to cover a full spectrum of educational items and pediatric fitness products, as well as a library of over 100 titles dedicated to improving the lives of children with many different forms of developmental delay. While we maintain our core special needs product line, we now offer many products geared towards the everyday cardiovascular, gross motor, sensory, and strength development of all children.


Special Needs Toys present a range of Special Needs Toys, from mobile Multi-Sensory, to Swings, Trampolines and otherSensory Integration kits, Switches, Rewards and small Sensory toys.



Created by the parent of a child with special needs, MyTalkTools is an easy, cool and affordable augmentative, alternative communication (AAC) device.  MyTalkTools’s Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are easy to use, easy to manage, highly customizable and affordable.  MyTalkTools enables users to express and connect in a whole new way.


Koolway Sports designs outerwear for people in motion- enabling them

to achieve their maximum level of independence in all aspects of life!




Special Needs Toys are separated into seven sub-categories to facilitate finding toys that address specific special needs and situations. All Special Needs Toys enhance child development, allowing children with diverse abilities to experience a variety of sensory feedback and stimulation. Distraction Toys also provide relief from stress and enhance a child’s ability to cope.


Pocket Full of Therapy (PFOT), established in 1989, assists parents, teachers, Occupational Therapists, learning & development professionals and others concerned with the development of children with finding the unique products and resources needed to provide effective, appropriate, motivating and fun, pediatric therapy and learning. Our ShopOnline Catalog is filled with select pediatric and school-based products that we carefully evaluate and review before offering them for sale. To help you locate a specific product, our catalog and our online shopping cart are divided into therapeutic categories.

You will find a wonderful assortment of

therapy merchandise: specialty toys and games,

hard-to-find favorites, innovative new products you

haven’t even heard of yet, and lots of other great goodies and gadgets!






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  1. Enter a world of tiny fairy-like creatures called Flyers and meet Christian—the one Flyer in the village without wings. All of his young life, Christian has been told he was a Flyer with special needs. While many saw his inability to communicate or fly as a burden, God uses the special gifts of this special needs Flyer to touch everyone in the community in a very special way.

    This book is for ages 5-10 and is wonderful for teaching students about special needs children (with a creative story), and is also a great encouragement for special children–as the hero is autistic.

  2. I’ve got a wonderful idea as a result of it

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