The Life Unexpected

As little girls we played house and created a world with the perfect home, husband and child. Pretending to be a mom was a world with aprons, easy bake ovens, high heel shoes and pretty red lipstick. We knew this

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Dispute Resolution Methods including Due Process and Mediation

When a dispute arises between a parent and the school in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting there are a few methods that can be utilized to work out the disagreement.  Most School Districts will have at least one Informal

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Special Interests of Children With Autism

Often caregivers, educators, and parents are not sure what is the best way to reach and help special needs children. By focusing on a child’s special interest area (SIA) it allows them to interact with this child that in no other

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Sportsmanship and Mind Blindness – Autism

An interesting idiosyncrasy for many on the autism spectrum is their inability to deal successfully with loosing at game-play. Now this is not even a little crying or yelling event. This can become a knock down drag out no holds

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Introducing Special Needs Talk Radio Network

COMING SEPTEMBER 2011 –  Special Needs Talk Radio, the talk radio network dedicated to bringing excellence in broadcasting for parents and educators on focused topics relating to special needs children and teens.  Talking Special Needs Network  is brought to you

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The Bean, The Lil’ Guy and The Cuz

The Bean and I went to my hometown this weekend — back to the place that spawned my being. I have no immediate family there, just cousins, second cousins and friends. We took the prerequisite tour – my dad’s grave,

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