Social-Pathologist-Behavior-Worker-Therapist-Type Person

Social-Pathologist-Behavior-Worker-Therapist-Type Person Published on October 10, 2011 by Jennifer Laviano True confession: when I was in junior high and high school I LOVED General Hospital. I admit it. I loved it even though I knew it was ludicrous. It’s an

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Behavioral Plans For Children With Autism

Do you remember getting presents or special privileges for making good grades in school? If so, do you remember how proud you were when your hard work paid off? Me, too, which is why I was so excited when Connor’s

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I Can’t Find My Homework!

Dr. Christopher Kaufman, a licensed psychologist, spoke with us the morning on The Inclusive Class Radio Show about Executive Functioning skills. Those are the skills that we have to keep ourselves organized, transition from one task to another, and control

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What is Compensatory Education

What is it? Compensatory education is generally defined as a remedy owed to children with a disability who have been denied, a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Compensatory education may include summer services, additional therapy hours, or other measures that

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Customize Your Child’s Sensory Box

We had a wonderful Coffee Klatch Tweetchat again this week! I appreciate the parents who join us with great questions and helpful tips. Our topic was,” Do you use a Sensory box? What do you put in a sensory box?

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A Is For Accountability

A is for Accountability I have decided to borrow, with permission of course, a blogging idea from Spectrummy Mummy. She has been writing a post based on every letter of the alphabet. This is my first post. I could start

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