The Five Hundred Pound Gorilla Sitting In The Middle Of The Classroom

I worry our kids are no longer being taught but instead are being “prepped” for regents and sat scores. There is a five hundred pound gorilla sitting in the middle of the classroom and that gorilla is called anxiety. We

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Different Not Less

“We have good days and bad days just like everyone else!” tweeted a mom in our Coffee Klatch Tweetchat. Our topic was, “Different is not less! Special Needs children can have a quality life – it may not look like

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FAPE vs FAPE: IDEA & Section 504

The term Free Appropriate Public Education is thrown around a lot in Public Education. There are two separate laws having to do with disabilities that specifically define this term. It can be found in the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation

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Progression by Blogger of the Week Chrisa Hickey

I’ve spent the past two weekends taking all the paperwork we have about Tim and putting it in chronological order and in to three ring binders. Twelve and a half years of paperwork, comprising every evaluation, every IEP, every page

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Inspire – Where the parents are the inspiration

Effectively raising a special needs child takes a blend of wisdoms. Our world renowned experts who have been guests on The Coffee Klatch have brought us decades of experience, research and knowledge.  They have truly been the best of the

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