Medical Historian Key Role in Special Needs Parenting

When I worked at the hospital, I was repeatedly told that the H & P (history and physical) was key to proper diagnosis and treatment. Having an accurate and up to date medical history can be the difference between life

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turn off switch

Can You Turn Your Brain Off? – Angela Eaton

I wish I had the ability to “turn off” my brain like my daughter. Here is the story on how I discovered how she turns her brain off. I picked Meredith up from swim practice and she was very excited

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Inclusion in Action: Positive Classroom Management

Over the past four months, my co-host Terri Mauro and I have interviewed experts, advocates and scholars on the topic of inclusion. On The Inclusive Class Radio Show, we have discussed the concept of inclusion, strategies for implementing inclusion and

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It’s Part of our Program – Julie Swanson

Perhaps your child is in a specific program within the school. As an example, a school district names a specific preschool program TBEIP – The Best Early Intervention Program. This program includes intensive special education, speech and langage, occupational therapy

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Fictitious Thinking: The “New” Definition of Autism

Do you remember the character Cassandra from Greek mythology? Her curse was that she could accurately predict the future, but nobody would believe her when she warned them about it. Today I feel like Cassandra. In 2009, I wrote a

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quality time

Finding Quality Time Difficult for Parents and Siblings

How can parents schedule their days to have quality time alone with the child who DOES NOT have special needs? How do you give the much needed attention to siblings who do not have special needs? It is a very

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