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The Bright Not Broken Show

Wednesdays 9PME on The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Network THE BRIGHT NOT BROKEN RADIO SHOW GIFTED KIDS, ADHD, AND AUTISM: WHY TWICE-EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN ARE STUCK AND HOW TO HELP THEM Hosted by Diane Kennedy and Rebecca Banks, authors of Bright

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Look Very Carefully – Priscilla Gilman

“Look Very Carefully”: The First Day of National Poetry Month and Autism Awareness Month On this first day of April, the first day of both National Poetry Month and National Autism Awareness Month, I share this image of quiet, stillness,

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Rethinking Autism – Changing The Conversation One Video At A Time

Join Dana Commandatore April 22nd on The Coffee Klatch – Autism Awareness Month Special Event


To Whom It May Concern

To Whom it May Concern, I am the parent of a special needs child. I was overwhelmed, confused, heart broken and struggling to unravel the complexities before me. Please do not pass judgement of me without knowing why I did

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The Bean The Little Guy and The Cuz

The Bean and I went to my hometown this weekend — back to the place that spawned my being. I have no immediate family there, just cousins, second cousins and friends. We took the prerequisite tour – my dad’s grave,

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rebel souls

Raising Rebel Souls – Autism

Sunday, April 1, 2012 Autism Awareness Today is the first day of April and also the first day of Autism awareness month. There are many things I have yet to learn about Autism, and I plan on devoting a good

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