Tips for IEP, IDEA and 504 via Wrights Law

Ten Tips For Special Education Advocates Remember, your goal is to assist parents in achieving an appropriate education for their child. 1. Good advocates facilitate the IEP process. Advocates must set an example for the entire IEP Team. They must

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Our Founders Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Tragedy

I am a bit concerned about the reporting tonight describing the gunman as having ” a personality disorder called Aspergers” Aspergers, as far as I know, is not a personality disorder it is a neurological disorder with developmental delays and

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Synesthesia…the OTHER Big Discovery – Maverick Minds Ange Eaton

When I discovered Meredith’s filing system of pictures, I went to Facebook to tap into my friends to see if anyone knew about this or had similar systems. My friend Brad responded by saying that it sounds like Meredith might

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