Accept Your Child’s Diagnosis, Accept the Life It Brings Feel empowered as you learn how to successfully advocate for your ADHD/LD children and help them thrive. Ready to get real about your child’s ADHD?

In this audio and slide presentation, hosted by Marianne Russo, learn how to use a strengths-based approach to develop social skills and life skills and become a true advocate for your child.

In this audio presentation, Marianne Russo discusses: Proven strategies for advocating for your child Best practices for developing your child’s social and life skills Tips to understand and survive your defiant child Meet the expert: Marianne Russo is the founder, president, and the host of The Special Needs Talk Radio Network ( and The Coffee Klatch – Information and Inspiration for Special Needs Parents and Educators ( Russo seeks to give parents what they desperately need—empowerment. Through her talk radio interviews, she has introduced hundreds of thousands of parents to cutting-edge researchers, world-renowned psychiatrists, specialized psychologists, internationally respected children’s foundations, special-education law experts and the creative thinkers of our time. In addition to the scientific and clinical information, Russo aspires to give parents of special needs kids hope.

What listeners are saying: “This was an amazing hour! Thank you for providing parents with information to empower and affirm our role in raising amazingly wonderful children!!” “EXCEPTIONAL!! One of the best presentations I have heard. Please have Marianne Russo on again.” “Marianne Russo was absolutely amazing! Thank you for the words of wisdom and new ideas to help me parent my ADHD and Dyslexic child.” “The speaker was awesome–very uplifting with very specific, positive actions. Thank you so much!” “This webinar was especially fantastic! Marianne Russo is a tremendous resource for parents.” Listen to the webinar and watch the slides by clicking on the Additude box  3944

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