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MAKING SENSE OF AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS with host Dr. James Coplan Dr James Coplan author of Making Sense of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Coplan is a board-certified pediatrician, researcher, author, and the sibling of an individual with developmental disability. Until retiring from clinical practice in December of 2014, Dr. Coplan was one of only a handful of physicians holding sub-specialty certification in both Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics (D-BP) and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (NDD). Dr. Coplan’s areas of expertise include: Autism Spectrum Disorders (autism, Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS, NLD, etc.) Behavior Management and psychopharmacology in children with disabilities Brain injury in children Cerebral Palsy Child Development / Developmental Delay / Developmental disabilities Delayed Speech / Speech and Language Disorders Family function and dysfunction as it relates to children with disabilities Hearing Loss in children Intellectual Disability (previously, “Mental Retardation”) Mental illness in children with developmental disability (“dual diagnosis”) Normal child development Neurological disorders in children Seizure disorders in children with disabilities Special education for children with developmental disabilities Tics, Tourette Syndrome Dr. Coplan’s audiences and clients include: Attorneys / Other legal professionals / Life Care Planners Educators / School Administrators Healthcare Professionals (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, PA’s) Parents / Grandparents Psychologists / Therapists / Other care providers Regional and national organizations focused on children.

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