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To simply be aware of autism is not enough. Autism Awareness for us is providing the knowledge of autism and how families and members of the community are impacted. This understanding is implicit in our definition of autism awareness so that all members of a community can be empowered to create effective change. Awareness cannot be a static state. It is through active awareness, empowering people provided with an understanding the means to create change that acceptance can occur. This show will focus on the out of the box thinking and actions being taken by businesses, autistic individuals and families with autism to work together to create fully inclusive and accepting community environments. Missing Piece Awareness trains, certifies, supports and promotes mainstream businesses. We train the staff to provide autism-accepting customer service in welcoming environments, while guiding the management team in implementing seemingly-simple accommodations-but are ones that parents and families living with autism embrace and truly value. We individualize each and every training, proposed accommodation and recommendation to address each company’s goals, industry, demographic and needs. We are the only company in the country doing this- so it’s an exciting time for us, while we educate the public about what we do and gain an army of supporters who believe in our mission. It is a true learning curve for most potential clients and business owners as we create a new standard for businesses. Host Dianne R. Porter, Chief Executive Officer As a recognized leader in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, Dianne R. Porter is one of only approximately 13,000 Board Certified Behavioral Analysts in the world, attaining her certification in 2008. Dianne holds a B.A in Elementary Education from Saint Josephs College. She received her Masters Degree in Special Education from Dowling College and completed the accredited coursework to sit for BACB exam at Stonybrook University. Dianne has been one of the most sought-out experts in her field to work on specialty cases. Working with the special needs population since 1987, Dianne’s scope of experience includes working with the autism community both in the home and community, training and supervising staff in a multitude of roles and training and consulting with parents and caregivers of autistic and special needs children to equip them with the strategies, methods and knowledge to allow their child to reach their maximum potential. Dianne is an accomplished professional, analyzing and collecting data with an unparalleled eye for connecting causations and methodologies. She possesses an effective combination of analytical and leadership skills, with expertise in behavioral change procedures and systems support as well as discretionary behavior-analytic content. Dianne offers a refined blend of executive acumen, leadership and a proactive future-oriented vision to maximize results for clients. Known for creating the vital strategic vision to exceed business goals and successfully build and lead a team, her adaptive nature and focus on independent thinking has resulted in a proven track record of success. Her background, diagnostic approach and systematic analysis provides her with the masterful ability to evaluate an organization’s specific procedures, aims and consumer base to create a targeted, individualized program for each and every client she works with.

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