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Founder, President and Host of The Special Needs Talk Radio Network.
“The Coffee Klatch – Information and Inspiration For Special Needs Parents and Educators” Marianne seeks to give parents what they so desperately need, empowerment. Through her talk radio interviews she has brought hundreds of thousands of parents cutting edge researchers, world renowned psychiatrists, specialized psychologists, internationally respected children’s foundations, special education law experts and the creative thinkers of our time. In addition to the scientific and clinical information, what Marianne truly aspires to give parents is hope.

Marianne created The Coffee Klatch to give parents of special needs children a forum to find the best resources and information available. Her network now hosts ten outstanding shows covering all aspects of special needs parenting. Empowering and enlightening parents of children with differences has been her goal. What you see is not always what you get. Marianne encourages you to dig deep, always searching for answers and never give up hope. There are answers and The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Network is here to help parents and educators find them.

As she ends her show each Sunday “You are your child’s best advocate, if not you then who, become an informed, educated parent” Parents need an advocate as well and that is the role Marianne gladly takes, she is often called “The Parents Advocate”.

“Accepting the diagnosis is one thing, accepting the life it will bring is something completely different, and much more important. With true acceptance comes the strength and calm parents need to move forward” ~ Marianne Russo

Educating a child with a mental illness, Autism or a physical special need is difficult, “If it’s one thing I’ve learned it is that no matter whether it is physical or emotional, the emotions parents of children with special needs feel is universal” Marianne, through her interviews, encourages parents to stand up to conformity to find the differentiated education that will bring out their child’s gifts and not their deficits, create self esteem and not failure. Her message to parents and educators is simple, “These kids are not just special in their needs but in their brilliance as well“.

Marianne hosts “The Coffee Klatch” bringing you focused in depth interviews with the most respected experts in the world. She also weaves interviews with special guests discussing messages of neurodiversity, fostering and embracing differences, differentiated education and creating our next independent thinkers. Marianne also hosts “INSPIRE” a show bringing you stories from some of the most intriguing, inspiring and ground breaking people you will ever meet. Their stories of triumph and hope enforce what she often says “It’s time to appreciate the wonder and marvel of different”.

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  1. Hi Marianne: You do an awesome job sharing resources and information to parents and advocates of children with special needs. Improving reading skills and having accessible digital text is an important issue for children with vision impairments, a physical disability or a learning disability, like dyslexia. Would you consider talking with a parent or adult member of Bookshare, the online accessible library for people with print disabilities? This nonprofit is free for any U.S. student who qualifies. There are more than 337,600 titles in the collection and reading technologies that can open the world of learning. Thank you for what you do. I am a big fan!

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