I wish I had the ability to “turn off” my brain like my daughter. Here is the story on how I discovered how she turns her brain off.

I picked Meredith up from swim practice and she was very excited to tell me that she was able to hold her breath for a whole length of the pool for the first time. Her Dad, being a former swimmer, taught her some techniques to help her accomplish this goal. On the way home, she said, “It’s really easy if you just put your mind to it…Actually, you just turn your mind off.”

Of course I then had to ask her if Merebith went to sleep when she turned her mind off. Meredith said that actually, Merebith is given a tranquilizer to make her faint. For Dogot, she presses his reset button because he’ll be out of it for awhile. I asked Meredith who was the one to give Merebith the tranquilizer shot. She she that it was one of the “hands” with the Mickey Mouse gloves on it. Meredith explained that basically she controls these mechanical hands when she needs to do something to Merebith or Dogot. Ah, now I remember. She talked about a hand coming out to tickle Merebith to give her the feeling of guilt. This is one of the many mechanical hands that she uses in her mind.

Back to tranquilizing Merebith… Meredith said that she laughs at Merebith when she is sleeping after being shot with the tranquilizer because she mumbles things like, “Dogot…Dogot, don’t touch…the computer,” and “What…should..I wear?”

Dogot, on the other hand, mumbles other words while he is sleeping: “Bark…bark…bark.” I don’t mean bark like “ruff, ruff,” I mean he actually says the word, “bark,” because as you know, he is a robot after all.

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