F is for Foreseeable

Foreseeable. The legal obligation to identify as any reasonable person would, the projected outcomes of a situation. In other words… Foreseeable is a concept used in tort law to limit the liability of a party to those acts which carry

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A Is For Accountability

A is for Accountability I have decided to borrow, with permission of course, a blogging idea from Spectrummy Mummy. She has been writing a post based on every letter of the alphabet. This is my first post. I could start

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Holidays – Permission Granted To Celebrate As You Please – Elise Ronan

Last year I wrote a post and called myself a Grinch. (Read the post. Its a goodie-promise) We are raised that we are supposed to revel in this time of year. We are taught that our entire society lives or

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The Road Less Traveled – A Parents Journey

The Road Less Traveled: A Parental Journey I saw a tweet today and it reminded me of this blog post from 2009. It just so happens that it is once again that time of year when we Jews reflect and

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Sportsmanship and Mindblindness

An interesting idiosyncrasy for many on the autism spectrum is their inability to deal successfully with loosing at game-play. Now this is not even a little crying or yelling event. This can become a knock down drag out no holds

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