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Finding Quality Time Difficult for Parents and Siblings

How can parents schedule their days to have quality time alone with the child who DOES NOT have special needs? How do you give the much needed attention to siblings who do not have special needs? It is a very

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Different Not Less

“We have good days and bad days just like everyone else!” tweeted a mom in our Coffee Klatch Tweetchat. Our topic was, “Different is not less! Special Needs children can have a quality life – it may not look like

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Melatonin Helping Special Needs Kids Sleep Better

I have written in previous posts about the importance of sleep for children and teens. In those posts I mentioned the use of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate sleep. The Medical News Today site says, “Melatonin is

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Customize Your Child’s Sensory Box

We had a wonderful Coffee Klatch Tweetchat again this week! I appreciate the parents who join us with great questions and helpful tips. Our topic was,” Do you use a Sensory box? What do you put in a sensory box?

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Substitute Teacher – Special Needs Student How to prepare – Lorna d’Entremont

Teaching in inclusive classrooms is very challenging. Being a substitute teacher (supply teacher) in one is even more difficult. Working as a substitute teacher in a special education classroom is a demanding but stimulating task also. The school administrator and

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