A Visual Representation of Inclusion

Inclusive Education, as defined and described by education experts, is a philosophy. It is not a program, nor does it happen in isolation. It can’t happen in one classroom and not the other. The successful inclusion of special needs students

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Inclusion in Action: Positive Classroom Management

Over the past four months, my co-host Terri Mauro and I have interviewed experts, advocates and scholars on the topic of inclusion. On The Inclusive Class Radio Show, we have discussed the concept of inclusion, strategies for implementing inclusion and

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Welcome to “Our” Classroom

Welcome to “Our” Classroom! Words to Create an Inclusive Class If you have been listening to The Inclusive Class Radio Show, then you have heard our expert guests repeat over and over again that inclusion is not a place, it’s

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I Can’t Find My Homework!

Dr. Christopher Kaufman, a licensed psychologist, spoke with us the morning on The Inclusive Class Radio Show about Executive Functioning skills. Those are the skills that we have to keep ourselves organized, transition from one task to another, and control

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