On Zombie Pigs, Aliens & ADHD Boys – Dr Richard Selznick

There are competing agendas out there within the professional realms that I operate. On one hand there are the parents and the schools trying to get a segment of the population (ADHD boys) to get on track and be connected

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columbiawtf - Version 2

Columbia University – Child Adolescent Psychiatry Series

Dr Stewart Adelson – Raising and Supporting the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual child or teen Listen to internet radio with The Coffee Klatch on Blog Talk Radio Dr Alison Baker – Transitioning young adults with mental illness into college and preventing

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The ADHD Autism Connection by Diane Kennedy

The ADHD Autism Connection by Diane Kennedy Kennedy, Diane with Rebecca Banks. The ADHD Autism Connection When Diane Kennedy’s third son received a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), his mother already knew the drill. Her first two sons had

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Just Eat The Donut by Hartley Steiner

“You haven’t lived until you’ve dissected a doughnut.” Several weeks ago, I posted that as my Facebook status, and got a few puzzled comments.  Most of my friends could not understand what I was talking about. But you, my fellow

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Changlings and Shapeshifters and Ghouls – Oh My – Adventures in OZ by Elise

This is a repost from October 2009. With Halloween just around the corner I thought it might be relevant to understand that not every holiday is for every child and that it is just fine, not withstanding some idiots who

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