Executive Functioning Skills, What Are They? How Do They Help Make Children and Teens Successful Students and Adults?

Sharon Thomas has over a decade of professional experience in the field of education and research, and she has worked with hundreds of families to identify resources, establish goals, and implement practical plans that have a positive, long-term impact on the individuals she is honored to serve.

Ms. Thomas is licensed in General and Special Education, with a concentration in Learning Disabilities. She holds a BA in Psychology from Georgetown University, an MSc in Child Developmental Psychology from University College London, and an MSEd in Special and General Education from Hunter College. She is a private-school consultant in Manhattan and a frequently requested speaker on education-related topics.

We teach you life skills that help you live to your full potential!

Do you or your child consistently struggle with initiating and completing assignments, planning projects, writing essays, or understanding school and workplace expectations? If so, you are not alone.

Persisting organizational struggles stand in the way of optimal achievement at school and work. Disorganization can also significantly interfere with interpersonal relationships.

Researchers have identified the frontal lobe area of the human brain as largely responsible for the skills that are integral to everyday functioning. These skills are referred to as “executive functioning skills.”

What are Executive Functioning Skills?

Executive functioning refers to a cognitive skill set that enables you to plan, organize and execute tasks in a time efficient manner. Examples of executive functioning skills include:
Time Management
Task Initiation
Sustained Attention
Goal-Directed Persistence and Focus

Sharon will discuss with us why the ability to organize, plan and execute on tasks such important skills for success in school and adult life. She will explain how many children need help with skills such as organization, time management, memorizing information, initiating activities or tasks, and retaining information. Sharon will give parents warning signs to look out for if their child is struggling, helpful tools, and skills to work on at home to help children, teens, and adults manage these skills effectively.

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