The Coffee Klatch is all about empowering parents with knowledge and hope.

Many of us have been on the special needs parenting journey for a very long time. Through the tears and triumphs we have not only survived but thrived. We have made more than our fair share of mistakes, forgiven ourselves and moved forward. Marriages have been made stronger, marriages have fallen apart. Friendships have been made and friendships have been lost. Our children have changed our view of the world and its priorities. Mothers have become warriors and fathers have become champions.

Our children’s misunderstood differences whether physical or emotional, their struggles and their accomplishments have given us not only knowledge but confidence. They have not only affected us as the parents but the siblings, grandparents and loving relatives as well. It is this confidence I hope to tap into in this writing and ask you to share your failures and successes to help those who will be walking in our worn out old pair of shoes while traveling that difficult and lonely road.

I can’t do this alone. I need you, the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and educators to share your experiences. Give others what you so desperately needed when you were starting on our journey ….. Hope.

Please use this writing to leave a comment and let’s share

If you had know then what you know now ……..

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    Never lose sight of the child behind the label, your child and their diagnosis are not interchangeable. Focus on your child’s unique strengths and find unique solutions to their challenges. Always take great care not to let your child feel, through the many interventions that you made need to explore, that you are trying to “fix” them. Our kids are not broken they are simply different. Breathe, self calm, model self regulation and always remember during the most difficult times … This too shall pass and tomorrow will be another day.

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