Mark Burhenne DDS joins us to discuss sleep apnea in children and teens.

Is your child disorganized, easily frustrated, lack will power, making bad choices, having problems listening, forgetful, in constant movement such as leg shaking? Is your teen inattentive, hyperactive, anxious, moody? Thinking ADHD? 40 to 60% of children diagnosed with #ADHD have sleep apnea. Coincidence or misdiagnosis? Stunted growth, neurological issues, panic attacks and fear during sleeping and non reactive to stimuli during day are also common symptoms.

Learn the causes, symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatments of sleep apnea to rule out your child’s diagnosis of ADHD or behavioral issues.


3 Responses to Inattentive, Easily Frustrated, Forgetful, Disorganized – Nope not ADHD – Sleep Apnea

  1. As a parent of 7 children, 3 with serious issues/disorders, my heart goes out to other parents struggling to find peace and happiness with their kids. Just to qualify our situation a bit further, in case you’re skeptical like we were, about these seemingly “too easy” ways to help our children: last year we spent more time at BC children’s hospital with 3 of our children than we did at home. The toll it took ultimately played a part in my husband’s heart-attack and my own unravelling, landing me in a psychiatric hospital, where I spent Mother’s Day in 2013 and learned about sleep apnea, and sleep in general. I also learned that factors such as fans blowing on children’s faces can interrupt their breathing, night lights and noise (my daughter liked to fall asleep to music) all distract the brain. We finally had no choice but to abandon medications, which were causing more issues than they were healing with, and explore a new foundation for our family life, built on proper sleep and proper diet. As parents who were totally exhausted, depressed, angry and mystified I know how hard it can be to seek anymore help and to do what it takes to get your child sleeping and eating better. “just what we need, more battles”. But honestly, though I will tell you it is NOT a miracle cure, after a few nights of better sleep my kids issues started to ease. Little by little, day by day, after a week our son stopped screaming and throwing himself down, refusing to eat at dinner time. My daughter, 6, who was one of our biggest concerns was better with independent play, bedwetting, focus & attention, restlessness, & being less aggressive (she had been hospitalized for hurting her younger brother the month prior), going to sleep at night wasn’t taking 3 hours of throwing things and screaming (I’m not kidding you when I say we used to video tape bedtimes so if our neighbors called social services we could prove we weren’t doing anything to cause the rage storms she was having). Their eczema and anxiety deceased and mood improved. My 6 year old who repeated kindergarten and was struggling in September is now, as of january, at the TOP of her class for reading and math. This is the child diagnosed with a serious learning disorder. My state of mind was much better from forcing myself to get proper sleep as well, allowing me to deal with my children’s issues in a more positive way. In the past we had heard about sleep and sleep apnea and had ignored it, it made us angry people would “belittle” the hell we were going through. To those of you we ignored, I apologize. Life still isn’t easy, my children still have disorders, but life is better… MUCH better. There’s no cost and nothing to lose, at least try it so you can rule it out. Just one mom’s opinion.

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