Effectively raising a special needs child takes a blend of wisdoms.

Our world renowned experts who have been guests on The Coffee Klatch have brought us decades of experience, research and knowledge. They have truly been the best of the best and their dedication to us as parents and our children has been overwhelming and heartwarming.

The Chinese Proverb – To Know The Road Ahead Ask Those Coming Back has never been more true as when raising a special needs child or teen. To a special needs parent there is no better resource than one who has been there and can truly understand the emotions and experiences through living them.

The Coffee Klatch hosts have long known parents and grandparents to be experts in special needs. On Inspire we bring you those who have traveled the journey and bring messages of inspiration and hope to others.

Accepting the diagnosis is one thing, accepting the life it will bring is something completely different and much more important.

Meet inspiring parents and celebrities as they sit down with Marianne Russo and share their struggles, triumphs and messages of hope and inspiration.

The last Sunday of the month 9E/6P pm

Listen to the premiere with guest Angela Eaton

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