We at The Coffee Klatch would like to thank every one of you that has volunteered for this important day. To begin with we would like to go over some rules that we follow when moderating on our chats:

Please let your followers know that you are participating prior to the event and during the event and include the link to the chatroom with the tweet http://tweetchat.com/room/tck

1. We always introduce ourselves and ask everyone to join us at http://tweetchat.com/room/tck , we let them know that the tweetchat will access their twitter account but that if their tweets are protected the third party application will not work.
2. We tell people to put their refresher button down to 5 seconds so the chat flows smoothly
3. We let them know that they do not have to manually put in the #tck hashtag when tweeting from the tweetchat room, that it does that automatically.
4. We also are very adamant about being nice and polite to everyone. Showing respect for others is one of The Coffee Klatch most important guidelines. Any follower/audience member who is rude will get a warning and if they ignore it they get blocked. The block button is to the right of their tweet, we have never had to use it in almost a year of chats and hope that we will not have to for this event.
5. We also do not want anyone discussing politics of any kind, (domestic or foreign) especially since this is the day before the midterm elections. We want everyone to feel welcome at the chat.
6. If there are contentious issues, such as the vaccine issue, try to have people stay polite. If they want to tweet articles that is fine, but if name calling and ad hominem attacks occur, please block anyone who does that.
7. Our goal is to educate and discuss in a friendly atmosphere. We are here as support for those on the autism spectrum, their parents and anyone else who has any questions or concerns. Our hope is to also have people join us who are not familiar with Autism and want to learn and to them we offer all of you.
8. This is not a forum for promoting any one particular product or therapy. We of course appreciate your endeavors and hope that you will inform the audience of your resources should you be a provider but this is a forum for communication – not selling or promoting any particular product or service. The Promotion of dangerous or questionable therapies such as hyperbaric or chelation should not be had, especially since the FDA has just come out with a warning about the latter and its life threatening effects.
9. YOU are allowed to bring up any topic you want. Remember this is YOUR day. Since this is a day of education think of topics that you would like people to be aware of either in the autism community or society at large. See if we can get chats going full of brainstorming ideas on how to accomplish your goals and objectives. You may want to contact your moderating partner and work out topics before hand. The chat is meant to be a flowing conversation and our goal is for a smooth transition from one guest moderator to another as each comes on.

Again we want to thank everyone who is participating in this important event. We also promise that at least one of us will be on with you periodically for support. If you run into trouble and you do not see us immediately DM us at TheCoffeeKlatch or email Marianne at MarianneSRusso@gmail.com or give her a call at 516 375 2509. Elise may also be reached at asd2mom@live.com.

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