COMING SEPTEMBER 2011 –  Special Needs Talk Radio, the talk radio network dedicated to bringing excellence in broadcasting for parents and educators on focused topics relating to special needs children and teens.  Talking Special Needs Network  is brought to you by Special Needs Coffee Klatch Ltd  (The Coffee Klatch) bringing you the same quality and standards you have come to expect from The Coffee Klatch.

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Hosted by Dr. Gary Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis authors of Reading Disabilities: Beating The Odds.

Two of the most respected professionals in the special needs community  discuss how parents and professionals can help children develop their personal, social, emotional, and academic abilities. The hosts and their guests will provide instructional and enrichment approaches that can benefit a wide spectrum of children.  Raising children is a joint effort between educators and parents – maximize your child’s potential by educating yourself to the possibilities.

September 12:  Maximizing Your Child’s Potential: Reading And Beyond.
September 19: With Special Guest, Dr. Steven Lange: Helping Children Overcome Sleep Problems.
September 26: With Special Guest, Dr. Richard Selznick: Helping The Shut-Down Learner.



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Hosted by Dr Lynne Kenney and Marianne Russo

A view of special needs parenting from two different perspectives.  Dr. Lynne Kenney, pediatric psychologist in a neuropsychology practice and author of The Family Coach Method brings her expertise and brain-based skills to struggling parents.  Dr. Kenney  is a well known multimedia expert, speaker  and on air personality.  Marianne Russo, Founder and President of The Coffee Klatch,  a mother who has been there and back, has been teaching parents the importance of  accepting the life the diagnosis will bring and the true meaning of advocacy.  Marianne speaks from her heart and from experience to help you break down the barriers and stigma that create obstacles for parents raising a special needs child. Two women with  a passion for the workings of the brain and the disorders they sometimes bring. Join Marianne and Lynne as they discuss special needs parenting issues surrounding neurobiological disorders in clear and understandable terms to help you unravel and make the best decisions for your child

September 6    Ava Parnass – The emotionally sensitive Child

September 13  Jennifer Kolari – The Cortisol loop

September 20  Vanessa VanPetten – Parenting Teens from the Teen Perspective



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Hosted by Elise Ronan and Susan Cortilet bringing you practical parenting tips on life skills, executive functioning and educational accommodations.  Elise is the mother of two sons, now young men, with Aspergers Syndrome.  Elise has been writing about and giving real life answers for the most difficult parenting dilemmas facing autism families.  Susan is a licensed mental health counselor providing trainging for social skills and competencies, improved academic success, reducing social anxiety and fear and formation of healthy relationships in her private practice.  This show brings parents from early diagnosis to early adulthood raising children on a  spectrum with many dimensions and coexisting disorders.  Our hosts will help parents unravel the confusion and difficulty  identifying the comorbid conditions that are so key to proper treatment and therapies. For a parent raising a child with Autism there is no better resource than someone who has been there or someone who has spent their career coaching a child with Autism, this show brings you both.  Autism parenting tools and specifics to guide you on your autism journey.

September 7     Meet the hosts Elise Ronan and introducing Sue Cortliet.

September 14   Debunking the disaster myth of diagnosis

September 21   Identifying the right professionals and the right therapies for our child

September 28   Relatedness and empathy

October 5           Dispelling the myth of specific interests

October 12         Thinking out of the box – how to do it and what it means



Hosted by Jennifer Laviano, a special education attorney and Julie Swanson, a parent of a teenager with a disability and a Special Education Advocate.  Jennifer has dedicated her law practice entirely to the representation of children and adolescents with disabilities whose families are in disagreement with their public school districts.  Jennifer is the author of the award winning blog, Special Ed Justice.  Julie  devotes her advocacy practice to securing special education services for children with a wide variety of disabilities.  She appears regularly on television discussing the issues that matter to families with disabilities.  Join these two amazing women as they answer your questions and discuss the legal roadmap of special needs parenting.  Know your rights to be the best advocate you can be.

September 8     Introduction:  What Is the IDEA?  What is Special  Education Advocacy?

September 15   Back to School Primer

September 22   Bullying:  Yes, Bullying IS an IEP Issue!

September 29   Special Education Urban Legends


Hosted by Nicole Eredics, founder of The Inclusive Class, with co-host Terri Mauro, guide to Parenting Children with Special Needs. Nicole is an elementary educator who has spent over 15 years teaching in an inclusive classroom setting. Through her experience, she has solutions and strategies for supporting the inclusion of special needs children in the classroom. Terri Mauro is one of the most recognized experts on special education and special needs parenting on the net.  She is the author of  50 Ways to Support Your Child’s Special Education and The Everything Parent’s Guide to Sensory Integration Disorder. Together, Nicole and Terri will explore the issues around the promise and practice of inclusion.  Their unique points of view will allow educators and parents to gain a better understanding of what inclusion means, strategies for successful inclusion and the role of parents in inclusive education.  The Inclusive Class Radio Show will give listeners the information they need to help provide the best possible education for their child.

September 9       Guest Kathryn Burke –  What is Inclusion?

September 16     Is the inclusive classroom the right place for your child?

September  23    Guest Mary Eulich – Successful Inclusion – What it looks like

September 30     Inclusion in the United States and Canada – Laws and Rights



Our Kids Can Thrive! Products that Work.

Areva Weiss founder of Fun and Functionis joined by

Ilana Danneman, Director of Product Education hosting.

These amazing women will provide you with solutions for balance,

mobility, positioning, play, communication, sensory solutions,

fine motor and body works.  Join Areva and Ilana as they discuss

products hand selected by experienced special needs professionals

which not only meet their high quality standards but are also

kid tested and therapist, teacher, parent approved.  Bringing

you the best gizmos, gadgets and sensory solutions for your child

or student.




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