Our founder Marianne Russo was expert guest on Attitude Magazine discussing:


Accepting your child’s diagnosis is one thing, accepting the life it will bring is something completely different, and much more important.

With true acceptance, comes the strength and calm parents need to move forward.

The importance of appreciating the wonder and marvel of  “different.”

What is twice exceptionality?

How to become a true advocate for your child.

Understanding and surviving your defiant child or teen – Look with a new set of eyes.

Learn the language of positives: How to turn parental request into a positive and collaborative conversation, not a meltdown or tantrum.

Anxiety is at the core of many children’s negative behaviors Marianne discusses the effect on the limbic system causing meltdowns and defiance.

Stand up to conformity to get your child the differentiated educational that will show their talents and unique abilities not their deficits.

Developing strength-based strategies for education, social skills, and construct a niche for life skills.

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2 Responses to Marianne Russo Webinar for Additude Magazine

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  2. Marisa Escobedo

    I have a daughter that was diagnosed with Holoprosencephaly a month before she was born. The doctors thought that she had Hydrocephaly but indeed there was not brain in the areas that were dark. They gave her two hours to live and she is now 16 years old. I struggled initially with depression due to not knowing when and how soon I would have to say goodbye to my sweet girl. I was held responsible for caring for her due to her father not wanting to get close in fear of not being able to deal with the idea of her death. I cared for her and my feelings and emotions were set aside because how could I very well worry about how I felt when my child was enduring so much more than I could ever and I always set my emotions to the side due to feeling guilty. The unknown……..Will she live, for how long, will her life be, that of quality, or will she suffer, how will I know if she is suffering, is she hurting, when am I doing things for selfish reasons? All questions that I dealt with daily and still do. When she is sick I worry that she is trying to tell me something about what is to come. I would love to chat with other parents with special needs children. My friends dont really understand me. they try and I love them for that but they will never really understand the feelings and emotions that lie within.

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