Gil Tippy, PsyD, is the Clinical Director of the Rebecca School in Manhattan, and the Executive Director of the Respecting Autism Foundation. For the last 34 years he has been a teacher, Psychologist or both. He is an advocate for effective, relationship based, developmental support for developmental challenges. He advocates for acceptance and neurodiversity over mere acceptance. He lives in Oyster Bay, New York where he maintains a large, transdisciplinary practice. Dr Tippy is also the author of Respecting Autism.

About the book: Written during the third year of the Rebecca School’s operation in Manhattan, Respecting Autism: The Rebecca School DIR® Case Model for Parents and Professionals adroitly describes the results of Tina McCourt and Michael Koffler’s efforts to conceive and create a new school in New York City for children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Because of the devotion of the entire staff as well as parents, all New York students can now receive a developmentally appropriate, thoughtful, and integrated education. According to co-author Dr. Gil Tippy, Clinical Director: “At Rebecca School we believe that everything we do originates with respect. Respect for the children we serve, respect for the staff with whom we work, and respect for the families of the children.” Dr. Tippy and Floortime™ creator Dr. Stanley Greenspan collaborated on Respecting Autism. In 2005, Dr. Greenspan became a consultant to Rebecca School, and his work with students is featured throughout the book. The school institutionalizes Dr. Greenspan’s “Floortime™” methods of teaching and its educators work to extend students’ circles of communication using the Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based (DIR®) model also pioneered by Dr. Greenspan.
Autism Spectrum Disorders are not issues of memory or of extinguishable behaviors, but rather difficulties with relating and communicating. Throughout Respecting Autism, everyday real life students and their families generously open up their homes and personal histories to Dr. Tippy who then conveys to readers these student’s triumphs and frustrations, joys and fears as each child in her or his own way strives to experience the freedom of the world of abstraction.
Respecting Autism introduces readers to sixteen students and their personal stories presented as case studies. In each of these very different studies, Dr. Tippy takes a thorough and thoughtful approach to introducing readers to these individuals; he first establishes their family’s story and educational background, then provides specifics regarding the students’ work as well as behavior at school. Each case study concludes with Dr. Greenspan’s diagnosis, reflections, and plan regarding how best to proceed to bring the student fully into the circle of communication.

About the show: Dr. Tippy has dedicated his intensive education towards working with children who have been diagnosed with developmental disorders, including autism. He has spent the past six years crafting an extensive menu of services, programs and classes for these children as the clinical director of the Rebecca School. His DIR model “Floortime” is a relationship based and individual needs process that he trains parents and educators to apply to children with autism spectrum disorders. Finding the “gaps” at any age and filling them with effective programs and services make changes that last a lifetime. Join Dr Tippy as he shares his experience, knowledge, programs and deep personal commitment to respecting children and young adults with autism and developmental disabilities. Catch Respecting Autism every second Sunday of the month on Blog Talk Radio.


On the premiere of Respecting Autism, Dr. Gil Tippy will have the teachers and artists Christopher and Jacqueline Gauthier, to talk about their lives as activists in the Autism/Asperger community across the country, and in their home state of Utah.These fierce advocates will discuss how they came to be so active in the community, and what it is like to try to create respectful, developmentally appropriate programs within their community.” Click on the BTR box below to listen live or any time in archive

Dr Tippy and expert panel discuss appropriate, developmental, sensory sensitive approach in public and private education settings for kids with neuro-developmental disorders of relating and communicating.

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