School Struggles with host Dr Richard Selznick…… Oh Yeah! Dr. Richard Selznick is a psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist, adjunct graduate school professor, assistant professor of pediatrics and school consultant. The author of two books, The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child and the recently published School Struggles: A Guide To Your Shut-Down Learner’s Success, he has presented to parents and educators internationally, as far as Dubai and Abu Dhabi and throughout the United States . A down-to-earth presenter who looks to discuss difficult topics in non-jargon terms, Dr. Selznick tries to present complex issues in down-to earth terms. Among the many topics that he presents, some of the more popular include: “Relationship: The Key Variable in School Struggling,” “Myths & Realities of Dyslexia,” “Understanding the Shut-Down Learner Formula,” “Stages of Reading Development: Signposts That Guide Instruction,” “Why’s Everyone Always Pickin’ On Me: Myths & Realties of Bullying,” “We Keep Telling Him You Have to Get Organized: Executive Function Deficits,” “Secrets of Parenting Success,” and “Regaining Control of the Ship.” He will also be bringing on child neurologists, psychologists, educators and others to discuss why kids struggle and how to help them. Dr. Selznick you may know from his numerous radio and television appearances. We are hrilled to have him joining our team. Dr. Selznick is the Director of the Cooper Learning Center, a Division of the Department of Pediatrics, of Cooper University Hospital. DYSLEXIASCREENING Dr. Selznick has done it again with his newly released book “Dyslexia Screening: Essential Concepts for Schools & Parents” Dyslexia Screening: Essential Concepts for Schools & ParentsDyslexia Screening: Essential Concepts for Schools & Parents presents an overview of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what goes into a dyslexia screening program for schools. Helpful for parents too this guide presents material in clear, ‘down-to-earth’ terms. What others are saying: “Dyslexia Screening: Essential Concepts for Schools & Parents is a perfect compendium that enables educators to take a proactive stance in the early identification and remediation of dyslexia.” – Steven G. Feifer, D.Ed., ABSNP – 2009 National School Psychologist of the Year “Dyslexia Screening: Essential Concepts for Schools & Parents really helped our district get a handle on dyslexia – what it is, how to detect it and what to do about it, especially as we needed to implement the new state law.” – Patricia Moulton, M.S.W. Special Education Coordinator, Brooklawn School District “I wanted to let you how much I enjoyed your book. I especially appreciated that you point out the qualitative observations that should take place during assessment that can be so incredibly crucial. For example, using marks to show that a student took a long time to decode a word, even if they decoded it correctly. Your book will be a great resource for teachers/districts who are so reluctant or so nervous to identify struggling students.”

2017 Season


Tuesday February 7th 9amE

He’s Back!!!
In the latest episode of School Struggles, we talk with John Rosemond about his book Parent Babble. In Parent Babble, John takes on different “sacred cows,” such as the “authority babble,” and the “self-esteem babble.” A self-described “contrarian,” John certainly goes against the parenting grain. Rosemond has worked with families, children, and parents since 1971 in the field of family psychology. In 1971, John earned his masters in psychology from Western Illinois University and was elected to the Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society. In 1999, his alma mater conferred upon John the Distinguished Alumni Award, given only once per year. Upon acceptance, he gave the commencement address. Presently, his time is devoted to speaking and writing. John is syndicated in approximately 225 newspapers nationwide. He has written eleven best-selling parenting books. He is also one of America’s busiest and most popular speakers and most certainly the busiest and most popular in his field. He’s known for his sound advice, humor and easy, relaxed, engaging style. In the past few years, John has appeared on numerous national television programs including 20/20, Good Morning America, The View, The Today Show, CNN, and CBS Later Today, as well as numerous print interviews. All of his professional accomplishments aside, John is quick to remind folks that his real qualifications are that he’s been married to the same woman for over forty years, is the father of two successful adults, and the grandfather of seven children…make that seven well-behaved grandchildren.

Tuesday March 7th 9amE
Adolescents & Social Media: Guidelines for Parents
In this upcoming interview on School Struggles, Dr. Selznick interviews Fran Sherman, LCSW, a psychotherapist and media personality. Fran will discuss the pros and cons of social media for adolescents.
Fran is a television personality who has appeared on the Today Show, HLN, truTV, Fox News, Fox Live, The Daily Buzz, The Morning Show, Daytime and the local NBC, ABC and Fox news affiliates in the West Palm Beach market. She provides expert commentary on news of the day, and has done segments involving love, relationships, parenting, bullying, anxiety, stress, the economy and issues related to educating our children.



Susan Barton is an internationally known expert in dyslexia. As a return guest to School Struggles, Susan elaborates on the many things that parents can do at home for their dyslexic child and some of the best accommodations that she recommends.

“Dyslexia Advocate: How to Advocate for a Child with Dyslexia within the Public Education System,”

Dr. Peg dawson – Smart but scattered

Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy! 21st Century Teens: Understanding ‘em – Parenting ‘em

Understanding Active Working Memory and Learning Issues Dr Tracy Alloway

Home Schooling Options For The Dyslexic Child guests Lorna and Phil Whooldridge

Assistive Tech for Struggling Learners – Guest Fred Tchang

Rapid Naming & Phonemic Awareness; Two Top Contributors to Dyslexia


College Transition: – ADHD – Learning Disabilities

Occupational Therapists: Their Role & Function- What Parents Need to Know with guest Jessica Zawrotny

Susan Barton – An Internationally Recognized Expert in Dyslexia

Thinking Differently – Guest David Flink


Dyslexia Intervention: What Every Parent Should Know

Susan Zimmerman: Helping Your Kids With Reading Comprehension 


Part 1

Part 2

John Rosemond: Helping Your Child Succeed in School and Life

Stressed Out Teen Girls And Cutting

Writing Problems: The A. B, C’s of Dysgraphia”

Part 1

Part 2

The Story Behind the Dyslexia Legislation w/Beth Ravelli

The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan: A Blueprint for Renewing Your Child’s Confidence – guest Ben Foss

The Common Core State Standards: How they impact your child”

The Anxious Child with ADHD and Learning Disabilities with Dr E Gosch

James Redford – The Big Picture – Dyslexia

Dr. Betty Osman – Social Problems of LD and ADHD <

Christine Robinson of ADD Action Coach 

Turning an ADHD Diagnosis Into A Positive

Dyslexia from the parents perspective

Dr. Michael Gallaway, a Developmental Optometrist specializing in the relationship between vision and learning. This relationship remains controversial     .

Jeanne Voelker is a reading and writing specialist in Seattle, Washington. As the founder and principal teacher at Reading Before School Top Tips for starting the new school year right

Show Premiere – Dr. Michael Goodman, Pediatric Neurologist where he will be talking about The basics of ADHD and stuff you need to know.

You can stop by Dr Selznicks informative website here

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10 Responses to School Struggles with Dr Richard Selznick

  1. Every word in this piece of work is very clear and your passion for this topic shines. Please continue your work in this area and I hope to see more from you in the future.

  2. Adding this to twitter great info.

  3. I was curious to know Dr. Richard Selznick felt about special needs inclusion in a regular classroom setting. We have had issues with my child’s school. SO much so we had to hire a lawyer:,. We ended up getting him in the classroom. I was curious to his input on the issue however. I want to ensure as he gets older to that I am acting in his best interest.

    • Hi Marcella:

      Thanks for the comment.

      Without seeing specific data in terms of past evaluations and knowing more particulars of the case, it’s a bit hard to comment. the issue of inclusion is a complex one and I don’t know if there are hard and fast rules. Please feel free to visit my website as there are mechanisms there for reviewing data under the “distance consultations.”

      Hope you enjoy the future shows…next one is on ADHD coaching and soon we will be talking about dyslexia.

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  5. I just want to thank you so much
    I heard you on BTR and was impressed,so I got both your books and
    Really appreciate the compassion and understanding you share.
    Interesting while it is my youngest with ADHD and LD,
    My oldest is in summer school doing grade 10 math, and that is currently
    Where I am finding the information from the books most helpful.
    So thank you very much
    Anna from Toronto

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