Special – “Shut Down For Autism” 11/1/10 is raising awareness by asking everyone to not go on any social media sites that day. We admire any effort to bring awareness to Autism however, many many many people living with Aspergers have told us they disagree with this effort – they feel that communication is key and although the premise was to make neurotypicals understand the frustration from lack of communication it defeats the purpose. We want to acknowledge and respect the wishes of all of our followers. It is a personal choice, some of you will shut down and we respect that and hope that as you do you let people know why – some of you prefer not to – therefore – we encourage you to not only speak but speak loudly, if that is your choice, here on The Coffee Klatch for a 24 hour open chat to be moderated by people who understand, Adults with Autism, Parents of children on the spectrum – and some respected and admired Autism Advocates. Let’s bring those who want to be educated over to The Coffee Klatch instead of shutting them down, lets offer those who have a voice for Autism an opportunity to do what we do best on The Coffee Klatch – Educate. Starting at 9am est on Monday November 1st.

3 Responses to Shut Down For Autism Day or Speak Out and Speak Loudly on The Coffee Klatch

  1. Woot, glad to see your support!!! I hope that what we say will be of help to people in understanding what it's like to be autistic!

  2. Sharon daVanport

    Awesome! I am very much looking forward to participating as one of your autistic guest moderators at the Coffee Klatch on twitter, Nov.1st! #AutisticsSpeakingDay

  3. I plan on being very outspoken on November 1st in support of those with autism and promoting acceptance for people of all abilities.

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