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We had the honor of having Dr Temple Grandin join us for her sixth appearance on The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Talk Radio Network.

Dr Grandin joined Diane Kennedy and Rebecca Bank on our Bright Not Broken Show.

Listen as these three amazing women discuss the results of Temple’s brain scan and how it explained some of the differences she experiences in language and long string sequencing as well as the finding of her amygdala being three times the size of the average explaining her panic and anxiety issues.

Temple also discusses, what she sees as a priority in understanding autism behaviors, the significant lack of studies on sensory issues and how a parent or educator should approach sensory issues to unravel behaviors and find effective treatments.

Discussed is fostering strengths by broadening out fixations instead of trying to eliminate them and the importance of understanding giftedness in these children.

Temple and the hosts discuss their concerns about the upcoming DSMV as it pertains to children and adults now diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

These and many more topics are covered in this incredible interview.

To catch up on all six interviews with Temple Grandin please visit her page on our website here.

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