In a scholastic milieu where the odds were stacked against him from even before his early diagnosis of dyslexia and ADHD (in 5th grade), David has faced a new Goliath so often, so calmly, and with such inevitable success, it’s no wonder he has taken his place as a true leader on the front lines of the learning rights movement.

David, like so many of the kids on whose behalf he serves today, struggled through much of his pre-college education, feeling marginalized by his education as a whole. Although his parents and teachers frequently reassured him that college was in the cards, he would have found that message more actionable, and useful, if it had come from a peer, a person with a learning difference (LD) who had finished college. With that in mind, David co-founded Eye to Eye in 1998 while a student at Brown University. Eye to Eye is the only national mentoring movement that is empowering young people with LD by giving them a mentor who shares that experience.

Thinking Differently is his first book. It is also the first book of its kind written from an autobiographical perspective and directed primarily at parents. In it, he sets out to enlarge our understanding of learning and offers new, powerful strategies for teaching, parenting, and supporting the 20 percent of students with learning disabilities.

Listen to David Flink on School Struggles with host Dr. Richard Selznick

Tuesday, February 8th  8pmE by clicking on the link below


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