Urban Filterware is a lab-tested, design solution to a public health crisis.

scoughpic Protecting your loved ones from airborne viruses and flu is important. Flu kills and causes countless icky, phlegmy miserable sick days in bed.

We offer a better, technically-advanced stylish solution: A designer Scough with built in protection from the harsh germ and pollution-filled world. Scough is made from the same materials the Ministry of Defense uses for chemical warfare. It’s for people who are serious about protecting themselves and others. AND want to look great. Every time some jerk doesn’t cover his mouth on an airplane, subway or in your office, you’ll be glad you have a Scough. And you’ll take comfort knowing that if you or one of your loved ones is ill, they can reduce the chances the whole office or family gets infected.

Scough creates a mini-microclimate of freshened air that’s not just a barrier to a harsh germ and pollution-filled world, but is shown to adsorb and kill viruses and pollution before you breathe it. Besides helping keep you healthy, it’s a really cool, super-soft scarf. The Scough hides an advanced, activated carbon filter impregnated with silver ions. There is real science, done by serious lab coat wearing folks, who created this technology for modern warfare and New York City transit. We test it in independent labs to make sure we have at least 99% bacterial filtration efficiency.

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Visit Scough at www.wearascough.com

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