What’s a Potty Progress Game and why does it help children with potty training skills?

pottyCharts have been a go-to for decades, helping record progress a child makes and rewarding them with stickers. We like charts, but find that play helps the developmental process of potty training more effectively.
DeeDee and Dooley’s Potty Progress GAME expands on the concept of a chart, incorporating the progress aspect, but using PLAY to motivate children and capture their imaginations. They grow to love our cute characters who need their help winning the game against Oopsie Undies…the sneaky pants who try to steal them away and get children to put them anywhere but in the potty! At Dee and Doo, we wish to take the stress out of potty training by respecting the developmental process and making it fun!

If I can follow-up with any more information please let me know.


Lynne Kenney, PsyD

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